Settlement name



1012 inhabitants

Area (municipality of Bačka Palanka)

579 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

45° 17‘16"N, 19° 18‘ 10"E

Height of settlement centre

112 m


Karadjordjevo is situated in South Backa comprising the South part of Backa loess terrace, by its Northern part. It is 10 km distant from the centre of the Municipality. Karadjordjevo by its greater part takes the central position of the Municipality. On the East it has border with Obrovac, to Northeast with Tovarisevo, to North, West and South with Mladenovo and to the Southeast with Backa Palanka. The soil of Karadjodjevo belongs to loess terrace that is higher aluvial terrace of the Danube for about 2 m by distinguishing passing between Beli Majur and Gornji Majur.The loess terrace is slightly dissected by valleys and beams. Dominant water course is the Danube 3 km distant from the settlement. The most attractive part is a significant hounting ground located by the Danube with length of 10 km.

Although in this area there were first the Hungarians, during the time, dominant position got the Serban people, mostly immigrated from Bosnia, by spontanous imigrations because of the possibilities of seasonal employment and later even for permanent positions of workers in agriculture. Today, the key role in agriculture has the Military Institution „Karadjordjevo“. The Military Institution has expanded its business to hunting, according to the needs of hunting tourism. There is still lasting the tradition of breeding of horses so there was formed one of the largest horse farms in Europe. The most important tourist hospitality – accommodation facility is „Vila Dijana“ that was built in hunting style. It has two suites, five double rooms, and two three bed rooms.

Karadjordjevo has its foundation in the hungarian settlement Mentelep which founded the horse farm in 1904. In 1946 here was founded agricultural farm Karadjordjevo. According to that, there were built many facilities for workers. The main and the oldest part of the settlement is Beli Majur where is locate the management building. In 1949 there was built the part „Stara Gradjevina“and „Betoni“and in 1960 „Nova Gradjevina“. The settlement comprises the several majors GornjiMajur, BeliMajur I DonjiMajur. The majurs are distant between each other but they are connected to one piece, with almost the same houses. One of the features of the settlement is that is surrounded by forest, but also has the greenery inside of the settlement.

In the settlement there is a Primary school up to the 4th grade and the other years of education continuous in Mladenovo. There is ambulance service and cinema. Beside the horse sport, sport activities are held in the football club “Proleter”.   

Source: www.wikipedia.org